Welcome to the osMUD repository!

osMUD is maintained in github. The software is constantly being updated and extended. We would like a community of developers to help add features from the IETF specification into osMUD as well as provide ideas and extensions to other devices. You are welcome to view and clone the repository here:

How to get your change included in osMUD

Code contributions can be made through the pull request process. We encourage you to fork the repository and investigate the code. When the implementation of the feature is complete, enter an issue into the project to identify the capability that is being requested to be included in the source base. Then, use the pull request and target the “develop” branch. We will make every attempt to review and accept the capability. The pull request documentation can be found here:

Please test your changes before submitting your pull request. Comments in the pull request text are very helpful for us to understand the change has been given a proper amount of attention.