Support is provided to download pre-built binaries for the X86-64bit architecture. Access to the git repository is also available to clone and build the software for local testing or targeting a specific OpenWRT router architecture.

Build osMUD From Source

The osMUD manager can be built on most systems including Linux and MacOS. The software is built using standard C language constructs making the package extremely portable, lightweight, and efficient for router deployments. Just run “make” within the osMUD/src directory after cloning the repository located here:

Build osMUD for a Specific Router Architecture

Support within osMUD is provided to built into the “opkg” format compatible with standard OpenWRT package management activities. The OpenWRT build tool-chain is used to create the osMUD “opkg” for all router architectures supported by OpwnWRT. We suggest using the Docker-based build process documented here:

The list of supported router architectures for OpenWRT can be found here:

Current Release

0.1.0 Latest

The most recent osMUD release is version 0.1.0. When using the binary download be sure to verify the SHA256 has to ensure the binary was downloaded correctly.


  • Readme
  • Release Notes
  • Usage Notes

Prior Releases

All prior releases can be downloaded through this link