What is osMUD?

osMUD is a C based open source MUD controller​ that works with OpenWrt/LEDE and can be bundled into other products​.

What is MUD?

Manufacturer Usage Description Specification is a component-based architecture for manufacturer usage descriptions (MUD). The MUD specification is a way to inform the network of the access and network functionality each device should be granted.  Read more

Why use osMUD?

Using osMUD will secure your network by allowing the system administrator to specify what each device will do. osMUD uses mudfiles to inform the mud controller about the access and network rules for each individual device.

Who should use osMUD?

Anyone who wants to lock down their network and ensure devices are following expected behavior.

How do I contribute to osMUD?

osMUD would love your help! Please make a pull request to https://github.com/osmud/osmud.

How to set up a MUD file server?

How to build a MUDfile?

How to test/validate a MUD file?

How to create code signing cert?