osMUD Version 0.1.0 Released!

The osMUD team is pleased to announce the initial release of the osMUD MUD manager. This software implements a manager according to the IETF Manufacturer Usage Description specification. We picked the C programming language to make osMUD very portable to many different deployment environments and devices. For the initial release, we targeted standard Linux and the OpenWRT router environments. For OpenWRT the release is distributed in the OPKG package manager format to make it very easy to install and quickly get running with osMUD. Please see the download page for more information.

osMUD is an open source product using the Apache Version 2.0 license. The software is constantly being updated and extended. We would like a community of developers to help add features from the IETF specification into osMUD as well as provide ideas and extensions to other devices. You are welcome to view and clone the repository here: osMUD repository.